Recommended Games to Study

It’s time to study games by playing games.

After years of examination, I’ve come up with a tried-and-true list that’s non-digital.

I focus on non-digital games because they’re low cost and technology safe. They’re also more interactive for people in a room who would otherwise have to sit and fidget for an hour. But most importantly, their mechanics are simpler to analyze. This means now any teacher, trainer, or game designer can benefit from exploring the educational power behind games. If you’re the director of an organization, this is the list of games you should purchase for your teacher lending library or professional development workshops.

My list of games (see link below) is divided into three parts:


Part I: Board games and Card games

Classroom Games: These games teach subject-specific skills (like grammar or division) and so are divided by discipline (Math, English, etc.). They’re appropriate for all levels of students from ages 8 through Adult. This list is mainly of interest to teachers.

Games for Modifying: This unique list contains some of the best-designed and most interactive games in the world. They expose teachers, managers, and designers to game mechanics (e.g. “set collection”) that are perfect for adapting into instructional games of your own design.

If you want to read a little more about why modifying games is a such great instructional exercise, particularly for professional development events, click here. If you'd like to know more about how any game can help your school or company, click here for the success stories.

Part II: Workshop Game Components

These are special resources you will need to create your own games: tokens, dice, cards, etc. Some items make great door prizes.

Part III: Workshop and Conference Supplies

These are common items needed for conferences or workshops on any theme (not just game-related).

And Now, the List!

Click on the below image of “Prof Joe Games” to access my recommended list of games to study:


If my “Prof Joe Games” list mentions a game you’d like which is only sold at Funagain Games, then you should click on the below image, and search for that game:


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