“Older-generation folks often watch younger employees lose practice and tune out to traditional training. Management and trainers may conclude that their attention spans must be short, but this is simply not true. [As one educator put it:] “‘Sure they have short attention spans--for the old ways of learning.’”

--Marc Prensky, Digital Game-based Learning, p. 49

Organizations can benefit from the new ways of teaching and learning. Recent studies in the business and academic world show the ongoing power of game principles to motivate and help us visualize the whole problem.

Joe Bisz and Joe DeSimone have come together to design several offerings tailored to businesses. We synthesized our years of professional development teacher training and organizational consulting experience, and created a package of business experiences centering on team building and leadership coaching. Examples:

  • Developing experiential training activities
  • Targeted managerial interventions
  • Playful strategy building and ideation workshops
  • Creating enjoyable, feedback-rich systems for enforcing learning objectives
  • Lectures and seminars on motivation and teambuilding through games
  • Product design workshops

To date, these offerings have been received at international non-profits, Series A startups, digital art collectives, and expanding retail organizations. Each organization has seen increased growth, productivity, and employee satisfaction and engagement in under a year.

We’d like to make your learning more fun and meaningful as well. To discuss how Bisz and DeSimone can help your company, contact us here.